Give out some good (sober) joy!

Not A Glum Lot provides fun and exciting activities to people in the beginning stages of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Click on the video below for a super brief video that will tell you what we’re all about in under two minutes!

WHY WE DO IT: Depression, anxiety, and isolation are common in early recovery and providing connection and friendships via recreational activities is a life saving measure. Additionally, persons in the early stages of recovery are excited to have broken they cycle of addiction however there lies in them a profound fear that they will be unable to have fun or experience joy without being buzzed or high. Not A Glum Lot teaches these people that they CAN have fun and they CAN experience joy and they can to it 100% clean and sober! When our participants realize this is possible, their outlook on their newfound sobriety becomes much brighter! This brighter outlook leads to fewer relapses. Fewer relapses lead to fewer overdoses. Fewer overdoses lead to fewer deaths. Not A Glum Lot is saving lives by showing individuals how to enjoy their lives after they achieve sobriety!