Many individuals new to recovery believe that a future without their “crutch” will be a miserable and depressing existence. Yes, they are happy to end the cycle of addiction they were stuck in, but they have an ingrained fear that their lives will be glum and boring without their “old buddy” alcohol or their “friend” mister pill, which they have grown so accustomed to and relied on; and if recovering people aren’t shown how to enjoy life without these substances, their worst fears come to fruition. Their lives are glum, they wind up merely existing rather than thriving, and it isn’t long before they turn back to their old habits and old ways of “feeling good.”

Not A Glum Lot provides individuals new to recovery with the means to learn how to really enjoy life, to feel happiness, excitement, and most importantly contentment. With your contribution to Not A Glum Lot, we can expand activities that reach more people and touch more lives, instilling in them the same zest for life that our previous participants have come to enjoy! And when their new lives are joyful, the desire to return to drugs and alcohol will become a thing of the past because they won’t want to change how good they now feel! Not A Glum Lot will help reduce relapses and curb the number of overdoses that occur after a period of abstinence. Every contribution helps. We truly believe that together we can take people in early recovery from the stage of just learning how not to die, to learning how to fully live! Not A Glum Lot WILL SAVE LIVES. It may even save the life of someone you love.